Callus & corns

Calluses and corns are hard, thickened areas of skin which are caused by excessive pressure and friction, and they can become painful. If the cause of pressure is not removed, they may even become infected and ulcerated.

They often occur over bony prominences, and are commonly caused by footwear that does not fit correctly, or because you have an underlying biomechanical problem which causes abnormal foot pressures or causes your feet to move excessively in your shoes.

We can remove corns and calluses painlessly, reducing your pain or discomfort, restoring normal appearance, and improving skin function.

At your assessment, we seek to identify the issues that are responsible for causing your corns and calluses, so that our treatment can be aimed at addressing  the underlying problems, and not just treating the symptoms.

Management of corns and calluses is especially important in people who have diabetes or who have poor circulation.

Do not use medicated corn plasters without first seeking professional advice; these products contain acids which are capable of causing foot ulcers.


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