Flat feet, pronation, and orthoses

Pronation describes the 'rolling-in' motion of our feet. A certain amount of this motion is normal and it helps with shock absorption when we walk and run. However, some people's feet pronate too much, and this can sometimes be seen as low-arched, or flat feet when you are standing.

For some people, having flat feet does not seem to cause a problem, but for many, this over-pronation can create mechanical problems. This can lead not only to foot and ankle pain, but it may have 'knock-on' effects on the knees, hips, and back, resulting in pain in these areas too.

Often this problem needs to be addressed by using foot orthotics; these are special inserts that you put in your footwear. They can help to restore a more normal foot function and help to alleviate the soft tissue and/or joint pains that can be associated with feet that are not mechanically working at their best.