Heel pain

There are many causes for pain that occurs in the heel, but commonly we see patients who have heel pain caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia is a strong, ligament-type structure that runs along the soles of your feet, from your heel bone into all your toes. It has a very important role in the structure and normal functioning of your feet.

If the plantar fascia is subjected to too much strain, it can become damaged and painful, which can be quite severe and cause problems with your walking. The pain is usually worse when you put your foot to the floor first thing in the morning, or when you stand up if you have been sitting for a long period. 

The plantar fascia can become strained due to:

  • biomechanical factors (particularly if you have feet that 'roll in' (pronate) too much)
  • being overweight
  • wearing unsupportive footwear

These factors increase the strain in the plantar fascia with every step you take, so the problem tends to develop gradually. You can also damage the plantar fascia suddenly, for example, during sport, but this is less common.

We will look at the underlying factors that are contributing to your heel pain and devise a management plan to alleviate your heel pain as quickly as possible. Management normally involves the use of supportive footwear, provision of foot orthoses, methods of reducing the inflammation, and exercises that you will need to do regularly at home.


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