Verruca is simply another word for 'wart'. This term is usually used when referring to warts on the feet, but they are no different to any other wart on the body. They are caused by an infection with a particular virus. You can pick up the infection by close skin-to-skin contact, or indirect exposure to the virus, especially in wet conditions such as swimming pools or changing rooms.

They more commonly affect children, and are usually seen as small, rough lumps on the skin, but they may spread to cover larger areas.  

If it is not painful, you may wish to simply wait and see if the verruca goes by itself, though this often takes many months, with 50% taking more than a year to go naturally.

If your verruca is painful, we can help to make it more comfortable and use chemicals to help clear it.

If the verruca is very persistent, then we can provide a treatment called 'needling' which is performed under a local anaesthetic. This treatment is reserved for the most stubborn cases and is not advised for younger children.

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